Steve McQueen's ten ingredients for a killer wardrobe

Steve McQueen's ten ingredients for a killer wardrobe

Steve McQueen would have celebrated his 90th birthday today, so we've raided his wardrobe and set out the ten key items that helped him look as sharp as he did. These are the serious components of style…

When people started calling Steve McQueen “The King Of Cool", it wasn't just because of his ability to master any role on screen. Of course, he could do that better than most of his contemporaries, but he was also one of the sharpest dressers ever to make his name in Hollywood. 

McQueen – alongside Paul Newman and James Dean – sits at the top tier of male style icons for ever and ever amen, and the reason for it is this: throughout his two most active decades (the 1960s and 1970s), he wore simple, well-made pieces that were impeccably cut and, above all, easy to emulate.

From the chunky cardigans and battered leather jackets he wore by day to the three-piece suits and silk ties he rocked at night, McQueen wore his clothes – they never wore him – and it was this sense of innate confidence that raised him from well-dressed to the coolest man on the planet. 

The iconic actor and menswear maverick would have turned 90 today. So, in celebration, we've rounded up ten items that defined his spot-on style and selected some key tips for making them work for your wardrobe too. 

Looking to educate yourself during isolation? Key stage one style lesson coming your way…

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By Faye Fearon - GQ
Photos by Getty Images / John Dominis / Silver Screen Collection

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